City of Brier, Washington
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About Brier

Brier is a small, suburban, residential town located about 15 miles north of the City of Seattle, in Snohomish County. The population is approximately 6,300.

The City government consists of about 19 employees, working in three public services departments. Brier is 2.13 square miles with approximately 27 miles of streets and roads.

Throughout the City of Brier's history, development has resulted in an area characterized by large homesites, wooded and semi-rural in nature.

The philosophy of the City is to continue to retain and maintain the basic, original, spacious and semi-rural wooded character of the areas and to remain relatively small, simple and intimate, with a minimum of regulation and taxation. It is intended that the future development of Brier will be consistent and harmonious with the established pattern.

The overall goal of the City government is to preserve the existing character of The City of Brier as a single-family residential community, placing emphasis on the preservation of open space and natural landscape.

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Brier History Book

To commemorate the 55th anniversary of the City of Brier's founding, the City developed a book describing its history. We would like to thank the Lynwood-Alderwood Manor Heritage Association, numerous community members and the Snohomish County Historic Commission for the Historic Preservation Grant all of which were invaluable in completing the project.

Click here to download the history book for viewing or printing at home. Printed copies will also be available to checkout at the City of Brier Library.

A limited number of paper copies are available for $5.00. If you are interested in obtaining a printed copy please contact City Hall at 425-775-5440 or

Brier City Hall | 2901 228th St. SW | Brier, Washington 98036
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