Don Lane - Brier Police Chief Donald E. Lane
Brier Police Chief

Welcome to the Brier Police Department web site. The City of Brier is celebrating 40 years as a community. The Police Department has a long history of serving the community and is proud of the 40 years of men and woman who have been committed to providing for the security and safety of your community.

In 2006, we face the new and changing challenges that the future brings. Community support and citizen feedback will be guideposts for the department's journey in preparation for meeting future community needs.

We believe that the police department is an organization whose existence is justified solely on the basis of community service. Our policing philosophies involve a balance of holding offenders accountable for their actions through enforcement programs and providing victim oriented preventative programs that inform and educate the community.

We believe that providing a community where citizens feel safe and have the opportunity to participate in preventing crime in their neighborhoods, is an important goal. Maintaining a safe community is only possible through developing meaningful relationships with our neighbors and friends in the community. Citizen volunteers have an important role in the police department, and we welcome those who have a desire to contribute their time or resources to the community.

We believe that the department has a responsibility to use the resources provided by community tax dollars in a responsible and thoughtful way. The importance of being innovative and constantly looking for more effective and efficient methods is a priority in the department. Obtaining federal and state grant funds for policing has been a successful and rewarding approach used by the department.

As our web site develops, we hope to provide citizens with useful information on events, surveys, crime statistics, and a variety of other interesting items. If you have any suggestions to improve this service, or have comments on law enforcement issues in your neighborhood, please feel free to contact me at


Chief Donald E. Lane