The City of Brier does not contract nor have animal control services, such as a local dog catcher. Instead, the responsibility falls to the police department and Public Works who jointly deal with animal problems with the Police Department being the primary authority.

In Brier, all dogs are required to be licensed. This is done by going to the police department, Monday Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. The fee for licensing a dog is due and payable in full on January 1 of each year. The license is good from January to December of the year it is issued. The fee is not prorated.
(Download The Animal License Form) in PDF format.

The fees established by the Brier City Council are as follows:

Neutered male and spayed female dog
Un-neutered or un-spayed dog
Cat License - Lifetime
$ 4.00
Senior Citizen owner (65 or over)
50% Off
Blind or Hearing impaired owner.
Kennel (conditional use permit required)
Law Enforcement agency dog license
Dangerous Dog
(additional requirements)
     a. Must have posted warning signs

     b. Must have kennel/enclosure built

     c. Must have $50,000 liability insurance

     d. Dog may not ever be off leash

Replacement of dog or cat license tag
For lost or found animals refer to the following links at PAWS: